International students


Master degree equivalence

Following the admission process, accepted Doctoral degree applicants with a master's degree earned outside Brazil must submit proof of degree equivalence. Click here for instructions.

Financial aid

The Brazilian authorities keep a Fellowship Program called PEC/PG through an Agreement between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CAPES Foundation and CNPq. The program grants scholarships to university professors, researchers, professionals and undergraduate students of developing countries with which Brazil holds Cultural, Scientific and Technological Cooperation Agreements (list of participating countries, in Portuguese). Scholarships are granted to Master's and Doctoral degree programs.

Further information can be provided by the Brazilian Embassy in the respective country.

Visa and RNE requirements

Following the admission process, and in addition to the materials requested for each program, accepted foreign applicants will be required to present a copy of the Student Visa, category Temporary IV or Mercosur (except PEC-PEG grantees, who must hold the Temporary IV category only) and R.N.E. card (Residence Permit), obtained at the Federal Police in Brazil (contact: These documents constitute an essential requirement for enrollment. Foreign applicants are, therefore, strongly encouraged to seek visa information in the Brazilian consulate in their respective countries in advance.

Tuition and fees

Graduate studies at the University of São Paulo are non-tuitional. The application process, however, includes a R$150 fee (approx. forty-five US dollars), which admitted international students can pay upon arrival, after passing the application process.