Dedicated to Agricultural, Environmental, Biological and Applied Social Sciences for more than 100 years

Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture (Esalq/USP) is located at the Luiz de Queiroz Campus in the city of Piracicaba, and is currently considered a Center of Excellence for Undergraduate and Graduate programs in Agricultural, Environmental, Biological and Applied Social Sciences, acknowledged for  its outstanding scientific and technical performance. Its academic community is comprised of 800 faculty and staff members along with nearly 3,400 undergraduate and graduate students. Its total area (3,825.4 hectares) corresponds to 50% of the total area of USP.

ESALQ offers 7 undergraduate programs and 15 graduate programs (one international), in addition to one inter-institutional and two inter-unit programs, in its 12 departments and more than 130 laboratories. It houses a reference library in Agricultural Sciences in Latin America, 4 experimental stations located in Anhembi, Anhumas, Itatinga and Piracicaba – “Areão” Experimental Station, as w ell as an enterprise incubator, ESALQTec.

ESALQ has graduated 15,000 students. It is the first Brazilian higher education institution to graduate more than 11,000 Agricultural Engineering. ESALQ is a part of the international scene due to agreements with foreign institutions, exchanging students and faculty members, and offering double degree programs in Agriculture and in Food Science with French institutions.

Picture by Gerhard Waller (USP/ESALQ - DvComun)