The International School “Tropical Biobased Production Systems" aims to present an overview of technologies, economics and environmental scenario of Brazilian agriculture, forestry and livestock farming in theoretical classes and technical visits. The participation of foreign and Brazilian students encourages their interaction and experiences exchange.

The course is completely in english.

The International School is recommended to Senior Undergraduate and MSc students.


  • July, 15th - 26th 2024


  • Biodiversity on agricultural regions of Brazil;
  • Animal production in the tropics;
  • Natural resources;
  • Biomass and bioenergy production systems;
  • Management of agricultural landscape;
  • Water management on biomass production;
  • Food technology on tropical plants;
  • Biotechnology applied to biomass production;
  • Social issues on rural environment; and
  • Tropical bio-based economy.

The International School is free of charge and fees.

The students will receive a transcript of records with the academic load with 60 hours of activities.

Draft program: 

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Final Project proposal: 

During the program, students will be encouraged to work on creating an innovative project whose theme will be Food and Nutritional Security in Tropical Production Systems. At the end of the course, students will present their projects to the Esalq community and guests, and the best projects can be presented at global meetings in which A5 takes part.