Food Science

The Food Science program aims to prepare professionals for work in the food and nutrition field, providing critical knowledge regarding the social, economic, political and cultural status of the country.
A graduate’s abilities range from food processing and conservation, to agri-food industrial technology and nutrition. Knowledge in these areas is based on the study of raw material supply and intrinsic characteristics, food chain management, food system structures and sanitary food quality inspection.

Job Opportunities

  • Technical assistance for industries and food processors through consulting, quality control, marketing needs and product development;
  • Industrial and commercial restaurant management;
  • Food safety;
  • Food service;
  • Laboratories of quality control, microbiology and sensorial analysis;
  • Management, good manufacturing practices;
  • Research in food and nutrition sciences.
Openings Duration
40 students/year 10 semesters

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Picture by Roberto Amaral