Biological Sciences


Biologists graduating from USP/ESALQ have a solid background in basic fields such as botany, cell biology, genetics, zoology, ecology, biochemistry and biophysics. A Bachelor’s certificate is also awarded when courses in education are included in the student curriculum.

Biologists are highly competitive in the job market in the specific areas of agricultural biology, biotechnology and wildlife management. The broad spectrum of study prepares biologists for an active professional participation in agriculture production and in biotic resources management.

Job Opportunities

  • Basic and applied research in different areas of the biological sciences;
  • Development of education activities;
  • Studies of biodiversity conservation;
  • Organization, coordination and participation in multidisciplinary research groups and the sustainable use and recovery of natural resources in degraded areas;
  • Management and execution of technical work in different areas of biology;
  • Environmental consulting;
  • Development of ideas and strategies to improve this professional field;
  • Teaching in elementary and middle school and also undergraduate courses.
Openings Duration
30 students/year 10 semesters

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Picture by Gerhard Waller (USP/ESALQ - Acom)