Agriculture involves the production and marketing of food, fiber and bio-based products (such as sugar, alcohol and gas from sugarcane). Bachelor’s candidates are involved with the sustainable production, processing and marketing of agricultural products and thus play an important role in the agribusiness world. During their program at USP/ESALQ, students take several basic and applied courses, including molecular biology, precision agriculture, use of the irradiation for food preservation, biological disease and insect control, agribusiness administration and marketing, with solid background in plant and animal production systems.

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities for bachelor’s degree recipients in Brazil are boundless due to the broad expertise held by recipients in all agribusiness fields and due to the country’s enormous potential in agriculture. Graduates from USP/ESALQ are qualified to work both in private companies and governmental institutions, and can be directly or indirectly involved with all aspects of agriculture and agribusiness, such as:

  • Planning and monitoring of crop and animal production systems;
  • Management of the environmental and natural resources;
  • Agribusiness;
  • Agricultural engineering;
  • Food science and technology;
  • Post-harvest technology;
  • Biotechnology.
Openings Duration
200 students/year 10 semesters

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Piture by Gerhard Waller (USP/ESALQ - Acom)