Genetics and Plant Breeding

The Graduate Program in Genetics and Plant Breeding offers Master and PhD courses. Its goal is to prepare students to successfully work in several fields of genetics and plant breeding, in public and private educational and research institutions. The faculty is highly qualified consisting of 22 professors lecturing 21 courses that cover all scientific areas associated to the program: Quantitative Genetics and Breeding, Biometrical Genetics, Microorganisms Genetics, Genetics and Molecular Biology, Physiological and Biochemical Genetics, Evolutionary Biology and Cytogenetics. The international position of the program is currently being strengthened, and it seeks to produce research leading to new procedures and technologies and employing knowledge as a powerful tool for economical and social development. Created in 1964, the program is one of the founder graduate courses at ESALQ and it has schooled 900 professionals (469 masters and 431 PhDs). It is internationally recognized and ranks among the best graduate programs in crop sciences in Brazil, being rated with the highest score from the first evaluation by CAPES on. Currently, the score of the program is 7, based on the last triennial assessment (2012) by CAPES.

Degrees and time to completion

The program offers the degrees of Master and Doctor in Sciences, both full-time, and the maximum time to completion is 30, 48, and 60 months respectively for the Master, Doctor and Straight-through Doctor degree programs.

Research fields

  • Biometrical genetics
  • Evolutionary biology and cytogenetics
  • Genetics and molecular biology
  • Microorganism genetics
  • Physiological and biochemical genetics
  • Quantitative genetics and plant breeding

How to Apply

Application deadlines and checklist

Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations

Theses and dissertations defended at the University of São Paulo starting in 2001 have been made available for online research and download. The project is associated with the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD), sponsored by UNESCO and provides the option of browsing the Genetics and Plant Breeding program catalog by thesis, dissertation, author or college.

Program Coordinator

José Baldin Pinheiro
Department of Genetics
Phone: (55)(19) 3429-4325