Campus Life

Some of the main resources available for students on campus are:


The library has the most significant collection in the area of Agricultural Sciences of the country.

Computer facilities

The campus community has access to computer and network resources, technical support and some educational services.

Medical and dental assistance

The community of the “Luiz de Queiroz” campus is also ensured with on-campus medical and dental assistance provided by the Medical Assistance Center and the Dental Care Center.


The student's restaurant is committed to providing students with low-price, nutritionally balanced, and innovative meals.

Child care

The Child Care Center promotes each child's development in a secure environment, supporting the families of students, staff and faculty members.

International affairs

The International Office provides support to international students, visitors, academic agreements and institution representatives seeking culture and knowledge.

Arts and culture

Campus life is enriched with artistic performances and courses such as chorus, orchestra and theater in which students, faculty, staff and the general community can perform. Specific lectures of general interest are eventually presented by scholars.

Sports and recreation

Recreational facilities are available for the practice of various sports, such as swimming, athletics, soccer, tennis, volleyball and rugby.